After I Lost My Job, I Went Home To Farm

After I Lost My Job, I Went Home To Farm


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On the day Gu Yinan returned to the modern age, just in time for the dismissal scene, but she was not afraid of losing her job. She had cultivated fields in the world of immortals for ten years and had cultivated a good skill in farming. Farming at home.

Under everyone’s doubts, she began to grow vegetables, flowers, crops, fruit trees, chickens, fish, cattle and sheep.

All the fruits and vegetables grown by her are full of spiritual energy. The vegetables are fragrant and delicious, the fruits are sweet and juicy, and the taste is very good. More importantly, they can not only regulate the body, treat diseases, but also beautify the skin and grow black hair. , I have eaten all said good, the only disadvantage is that the quantity is too small.

A bald business man who earns tens of millions in minutes: “Boss, you sell vegetables to me first, and I will invest in building a big farm for you.”
The international actress who stepped on high heels and killed the Quartet on the red carpet: “Boss, you sell me vegetables first, and I will take you with me in the next script, and let you be the heroine.”
The first-line traffic florets are crying: “Boss, sell it to me, sell it to me, I can take you to fly.”

Gu Yinan said in silence: I just want to plant a field quietly.

1. The heroine is reborn, and it is easy to farm the text every day.
2. The writing is limited, overhead, and cannot stand textual research.

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