Mortal Cultivation: I, Li Feiyu, Cultivate Through Attributes

Mortal Cultivation: I, Li Feiyu, Cultivate Through Attributes


535 Chapters Ongoing Status


After waking up, she came to the world of mortals cultivating immortals, and was reborn as Li Feiyu with the same name and surname.

Facing the predicament of having little life essence left and not knowing whether he has spiritual roots, relying on the ability to attribute all data, he embarks on the immortal journey of longevity and long-sightedness!

I once killed the Six Paths of the Demon Sect in Tiannan.

He also intimidated the heroes of the Star Palace in the Chaotic Star Sea.

He once forged the name of killing gods in the human world, and once let all races sing his real name in the spiritual world!

In the fairy world, I am the way of heaven!

In this life, I personally promote the three worlds of celebrities, spirits, and immortals!

Killing and setting fire, Li Feiyu, is here!

This book is also known as: “Li Feiyu’s Attribute Cultivation Life” “Li Feiyu is my good brother Han Li, and I can’t even add money! “

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